ACEO Modding Group: You have Airline Wishes? Write us here and we try to do it

Felix Airways from Yemen with the new improved CRJ MDKs

  • new Windows
  • new Cockpit with Scheibenwischer
  • more Fuselage Decoration
  • new Winglets (more realistic)
  • new Tail (more realistic)
  • improved shadows


Love the whippers :wink:

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Delta Connection OVERHAUL
Thanks to @andyc for the Delta Connection aircraft update/overhaul and for @dawed beautiful updated CRJ aircraft mods. Please like and support their mods as well! They contribute so much to this community!

Contracts & Aircraft (all in current Delta Air Lines Livery):

  • Delta Connection (DL) - CRJ200, CRJ700, E170 & E175
  • Endeavor Air (E9) - CRJ200 & CRJ700
  • Republic Airways (YX)- E170 & E175
  • SkyWest Airlines (OO)- CRJ200, CRJ700 & E175


Reva Air Ambulance from Fort Lauderdale.
Note the LJ35 look-a-like (Wingtip Fuel Tanks, less Windows, visible exhaust)


Nolinor from Canada with LJ75 (instead of LJ45) and B737-200/B737-300 look-a-likes (ingame 600)
–Special Liveries–
C-GNLW - B737-200 - Montreal Alouettes - Toujours Game


Newest stuff in from my Workshop:

ITA Airways with A319, A320, A332 and A359

Air Montenegro with E195

As Ambulance: DRF Luftrettung (German Air Rescue) with LJ75


So I went and made a mod that adds a simple cargo simulation, most notable for disabling cabin lights on cargo flights…

There is not, to the best of my searching, a high quality fictional cargo airline that fits in with the base game. I would love if there were an airline I could recommend to people who want to try out my mod but also want to keep their game relatively “vanilla”. I would also love if I could use screenshots including this airline in posts about my mod.

Possible fleet:

  • DC-3
  • DHC-6

  • 737-200 (helps me in the future to test support for custom aircraft types)
  • 767-200
  • Dash-8 Q400

  • MD-11F
  • 747-400F
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Try my following mods:
Solar Cargo
Aloha Air Cargo

There are all windows hidden

Aerolineas Sosa from Honduras


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Airseven, a new virtual airline from Denmark. All B737-400 aicrafts are operated by Copenhagen Airtaxi. In ACEO we have B737-800.

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