A public Trello board?

Its use? Show users what new features are coming, what’s currently being worked on/fixed, show what bugs can’t be fixed and more.

Games like Rising Storm 2 Vietnam ( Trello ) and DayZ ( Trello ) use it.

I think it’s going to come, probably once the critical bug fixes are done.

First mooted back in 2016 apparently - Trello for development ideas - #2 by pderuiter

Yeah, they are keen for it to go online and allow us users to vote on what features we want implemented next. I’m looking forward to it!

They are currently using Jiira I beieve, they moved from Trello to Jiira a week or so before release.

Allow users to vote for features? Odd

Seems like some features might be pushed back then if this happens. For example, most people would vote for modding support now than have features like one way roads, etc. Or maybe they will allow users to vote for minor features in a list of let’s say 5 chosen features that the Developers selected to not push back major features.

No i would vote for 1 way roads and other features over mods myself, and I’m a huge backer of modding. Right now I’d love better framerate on my airport. I have 7 gates and 2 GA stands and I have a top end CPU and GPU, getting 10 or so FPS. I suspect its pathfinding issues casuing much of the slowdown, so when those issues are fixed I suspect i will get better rates.

I imagine the devs will limit the choices to achievable and realistic additions rather than a free-for-all.

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