A Multiplayer System (Here Me Out First)

I know it has been said no a couple of times here but maybe you could do something related to multiplayer. I have had this game for a while and played it a couple of times, but I as a social being, play a lot more of the multiplayer games so I can enjoy them with others. As someone who does play more multiplayer games similar to this, a multiplayer feature would appeal to a wider audience as well as create a greater strategic atmosphere that the game needs.

Let’s start out with some of the basics needed to make this work. Taking inspiration from OpenTTD, I believe that you could implement the management of multiple airports. Players would chose places where those airports would work best based on some variable and buy a property. Then they would build up the airport like what is already present. Then said player would be able to buy other properties to build on to grow their “Empire”. As they grow it would mean more airports to manage and allow for a naturally changing difficulty as they progress. Not only would this help set up for multiplayer but it would allow for the use of the map that we see at the start of a new airport but never see it in use later in the game.

This would be great for single-player users, but also would allow for multiplayer worlds to be developed. As mentioned before this new game play makes use of location. That means individual players would be able to “capture” individual cities or Providences. By purchasing certain properties in certain cities it would allow for a group of players to compete for the high population areas to bring in a greater profit. Effectively these features allows for a greater multiplayer and single-player atmosphere.

Other Features could be stacked on top of this as well. Since, most airports are set in stone to being Municipal, Regional, Executive or International this expansion could limit an airport being Municipal. You would build your municipal airport up and then after it makes enough money you would be allowed to buy a new property and build up a Regional airport and so on and so forth. This not only pressures players into being mindful about the next steps, but it increases the length of useful game play.

You could also add in contracts per person. This would limit the contract of an airline or service to be only useful at your airport. That way you would also be competing for three star contracts. And if you get the lucky 3 star of a particular airline you would eliminate the chance for others to get it until it expires.

I know this would take a lot of work. I understand that maybe the game is not ready for it. Though, as a game that I originally loved, I think this is what the game needs to pull in more people. To help allow others to convince to buy and play the game with them as well as allow for groups of people enjoy the game. Not just the individual. More features could be added, some may be left out, but overall I think the game needs this to appeal to a greater audience and create a increase strategic atmosphere.

This is definitely a cool idea but likely very difficult to implement. I’m not a developer but I believe that since the game has been designed with no multiplayer in mind, I think this would be pretty impossible.

But perhaps if this game became successful (who knows?), we could get AirportCEO 2 with multiplayer!

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I personally feel the exact opposite to how you feel; I don’t play ACEO to play with friends, I play it to get away from friends, to wind down and relax. If I want to play with friends, I’ll start up Counterstrike.

Some of the things you mention could be cool features, such as signing contracts with regions and expanding your potential market, but I struggle to see why multiplayer would make this feature better. Playing together generally means you are doing something competitive, albeit Age of Empires or Battlefield, you need to have a goal to work towards and ACEO doesn’t have that.

There are of course games that have multiplayer without a competitive goal such as Factorio or Minecraft, but both of those games feature 1 large world in which players can do there own things, and encounter each other when they want to. ACEO is limited in mapsize and always will be because airports are spaced apart which means that the only encounter I will have with the other player is seeing their name on the map with the destination airport’s name being theirs rather than “Heathrow”.

One thing that “multiplayer” could offer is a more interesting contract system. Bidding on a contract with other players means that there will be an actual negotiation and calculation of just how low you can go.

This is then the time to ask a practical question; implementing multiplayer (in the future game) will take a lot of time and in that same timeframe they could probably add a cargo system, lounges and several other things that would add more depth to the game. Would I sacrifice or delay those features for multiplayer? No, I’d rather have it being a really good singleplayer game than a singleplayer game with two multiplayer elements that really don’t add much *cough * Planet Zoo *cough *

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In Ravenfield, Multiplayer was made by the community, so we could make a multiplayer mod like they did.

I know quite a few people may be against multiplayer but having the option there doesn’t hurt as there will always be a single player option aswell but maybe once the game comes out of alpha then implement multiplayer or even coop with friends.

The game can be relaxing defiantly but with two mates building your airport it can still remain the same outcome.

Now this feature unfortunately will not be implemented.:persevere::cry:

although something closer to this may appear this will be way past the alpha stages of the game.

At the point in time we are with ACEO this is just too much work for a not fully completed game yet. We have some larger priorities, but maybe ACEO 2 (multiplayer) will come along :wink::wink:

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Yes like game dev Tycoon This game was not meant to be multiplayer but the game community made it be

I’m not a multiplayer-fan, but having this option might not be bad.
But I don’t want this to take effort and resources needed for other things I consider more important, so no vote from me.


Please continue Multiplayer feature requests under this topic. However I would like to say that:

Developers clearly stated that there are no plans for multiplayer at the moment for Alpha, Beta and Full Game releases.


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