1x1 Foundation tile

Hi folks, hi Olof and Fredrik

I’m tired of these 4x4 foundation tiles. It happens quite often, that the outline of a terminal gets too wide.

For example, if you’re placing an escalator downwards but just want to have a corridor below. As the escalator is 4 tiles width, you need to place foundations 8 tiles width for the corridor, as you can’t place only 6 tiles. (including walls)

Similar happens, if you share two large (4x4) tiles with an object. You’re always forced to do 4x4 tile foundations, but you can’t just add 1 to 3 tiles if you only need these part of a foundation.

So I’d like to request to add additional 1x1 foundations too.


That’s unlikely to happen I’m afraid but do know of what you talk about. There was a message from Olof I believe that highlighted upon this issue and why we won’t get a smaller one. Though miracles do happen.

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This would be very disappointing. If a 1x1 foundation tile won’t happen, I can only hope for an (official?) mod to make 1x1 anti-foundation tiles, to make them transparent without lightning where needed as a workaround. :grin:

Found it!

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