Different size foundations

Did a search but nothing came up so posting it :grinning:

I would love to have different size foundations when building (eg: like you have different surfaces on stands etc, have a choice on different sizes on foundations…
As you can see by the screenshot my new NZCH doesn’t look too good currently, but if I had smaller foundations I could minimise the jagged edges :grinning:

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You can remove walls of a terminal, maybe use floorboard to discolor non terminal area outside the new walls you place as temporary solution. When we get smaller terminal foundations, I like to have 5x5 terminal dragging, or 25x25, just how you measure.

The devs have stated that the current foundation size is here to stay. Mostly due to performance reasons :slight_smile:

hehe I don’t have a problem with the current size, all I was asking was if we could have other options/sizes as well…

Part of it is performance yes, we need a smarter way to generate the terminal building and not via tile by tile. Also reducing the size it will make it uneven with the grid size of all external structures such as the taxiways, stands, roads etc. It will be much harder to align everything unless all those structures also snap to the 1x1 grid.

Ok, as a compromise (to help out those of us who like to do things “not” the way we supposed to) - Hows about you the devs giving us a sidewalk tile in the floor variations :rofl: - At least this way we could match up the bit of foundation that will end up outside the terminal…

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You can colour it grey for now with the floor button, that comes pretty close.

Yup, thanks, I have done that for now :grinning: - At least now it sort of looks ok…

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Screenshot for us? :wink:

give me a few minutes, I am about to load the game again shortly (Managed to get 3 hours sleep) :rofl:

Posted a screenshot HERE in my Christchurch Thread :grinning: showing what it looks like using floor tiles at the top and the bottom of the terminal.

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Hahahaha, get some more sleep. The game will be here for years to come :joy:

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Well unfortunately, the fix of using the current floor colors doesn’t work when it is night time…

Yeah,it is because inside of terminals, so everything that has a foundation,lights up at night. It’s not like prison architect, where there are single light sources.

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