1000h celebration - My Copenhagen airport

It’s not many games I can say I have played 1000h. But this is one.

As a celebration I just finished the biggest airport I’ve ever made.
My version of Copenhagen Airport. I have done a few versions in this game over the years. But this is my final one.

So welcome to this tour of my Airport.

Before I show you around, let’s crunch some numbers.

We have:
Four Terminals.
67 Stands.
A whopping 241 Check-in desks.
1,576 Employees.

Let’s start with the Admin building Located in T2.
This Is the lobby.

This is the Offices for my team. As well as a sky bridge over to the rest of the airport.

And lastly it’s my office with a Situation room/control room and Admin office.

Let’s go over to T4.
This is the Terminal for GA and small aircrafts. It’s pretty strait forward with check-in and baggage claim and staff room.

On the second floor we have WC, a waiting lounge (check-in and restaurant and shop on the airside.

Let’s go to T1, Since T1 and T2 is identical the only difference is that T2 is for international flights, As well as T3 is the same, but for big planes. So I’ll show you a overview of all the floors.

T1 is on the right. T2 is in the middle. And T3 is on the left.

This is the first floor with a massive check-in hall together with security and then departure area.
On the floor above we house shops and restaurants and lounges. This area is still under development so for now it’s not much to see.

On the floor below we have arrival and departure shuttle buses and baggage claim. And all baggage and staff rooms.

That’s it. If you wish to see more let me know.
Any questions? Otherwise I’m gonna go play another 1000h thanks :smiley:


Do you have deicing there? I don’t see any. Also, could you do zoomed in shots of each terminal and the remote and GA area?

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You are correct. I have no De-icing, and i will take pics for you. Anything specific you wanna see?

Do you use terminal zones or just independent security zones?

They are zoned T1-T4 so each terminal have thier on staff and trucks.

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A truly impressive build! :exploding_head:

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Totally forgot you wanted pics, so sorry. But here is some pics.

Here is the GA area and T4 that houses the small planes.

Here is the remote area, left side is for international and right side is for domestic.

And here is the Remote stand drop-off point for the domestic flights.

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