Zoning across multiple floors

Hi all,

Please see the two images I’ve uploaded showing the international gates on my airport. When I’m on the ground floor (the arrivals floor), it shows that there is arrival passport control, but no departure passport control. On the first floor, it shows that there is departure passport control, but no arrival passport control.

Essentially, both the floors are connected with escalators and elevators, I’m just wondering if there’s any way to show the international zone as one singular entity. Further, will I run into issues with pax once I start scheduling international flights?

Thank you!

Yes. It should be a single zone. Have you tried saving and loading? It usually works

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That does look weird, they should merge from what I can tell. Did you bug report this?

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Thank you, but loading the save game resolved this issue for me!

Well please bug report it again if you encounter another issue.


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