You know that one story?

In honor of Rubble’s noble idea; flight stories.

Dad, my both sisters and me were once on a flight from NYC to Amsterdam, when the flight was delayed after boarding. After some water and 2 hours delayed while boarded, we were notified the fright door was not closing and a fix was not helping, and that a new door was en route from Chicago, we were not allowed to deplane.

The whole plane got restless and my dad with 3 children in a never ending delayed plane situating, decided he wanted to deplane. After a lot of noise and arguments, we learned about the term “main purser”, she gave us a hotel and a ticketID for costs, which included a hotel, taxi and re-booked flight from Newark Liberty, only with out baggage; they could not unload it :wink: .

The next day, we heard the other flight was 8 hours delayed eventually. When we wanted to board the new flight, the desk lady did not believe our baggage was in Europe already; security later confirmed, but it was a big hassle. The flight was ending well eventually and our baggage was already picked up by staff in Amsterdam and we could do a fast pickup to take it home :slight_smile:.

Edit; peoples! the idea was that you all also posted that awesome story :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: