You can modify your airports city, country and lat long on the world map!

Dunno if this is the right place for this - sorry if it is not. After playing around with my save game files, I’ve realised it is possible to completely override the world map, allowing you to create airports for cities and even countries that ordinarily would not be possible on the world map screen when you first start an airport. For example, I have created Monaco International Airport - see the screenshot below!

Ordinarily, by clicking on the World Map, while you might be able to get the latitude and longitude correct, this airport would be based in France and be assigned Nice as its City.

To do this yourself, navigate to your save file in C://Users/{your_account}/AppData/Roaming/Apoapsis Studios/Airport CEO/Saves/{your_save}

open GameData.json and using “ctrl F” or “find” you can find the “latitude” and “longitude” both for the city assigned to your airport and for your airport itself, the two-letter “countrycode” “countryname” and “cityname” and change these to what you would like to start building your airport for all the forgotten cities and countries of the world that need them!

Hope this has been helpful / informative, happy to answer any questions!

Did you check how/if changing the airport location impacts the offered flights?

Yes I can confirm that it does change the routes offered / flown