Yokohama Airport (fictional)

Inspired by all the designs posted here, I decided to try creating a functional airport based on what I’ve learnt so far and the latest update improvements! And so I present the first part of the fictional Yokohama Airport (YKH).

Yokohama is part of the greater Tokyo area, but can, in its own right, be Japan’s second largest city. But surprisingly (or not, given the location of the real HND), it does not currently have its own airport. I’m using mods found in the workshop for a few Japanese airlines in this build.

Background bits:

  • sandbox mode, with unlimited funds, emergencies on
  • difficulty set to medium
  • large map mode enabled
  • started with all map zones unlocked
  • currently running at ~$1000/day profit (yes, not very much…)

To start the airport, I built an extra world entrance in the very corner of the map. My vision is to have one loop of public roads connected to two entrances, in opposite corners of the map, which will serve the entrances for the supply vehicles and staff private cars. So this loop will have multiple vehicle checkpoint entrances to service roads to serve all the future terminals, and will connect to the catering depots and all the staff carparks.

As you can see, the current design is very basic. A fence is surrounding most of the current airfield. I have one small runway, a small ATC, 10 concrete GA stands, 1 asphalt emergency stand next to 1 small aircraft depot. The runway is equipped with approach lights and ILS. The police and emergency response stations are found on the opposite side of the runway, and are connected to a loop of service roads that go around the entire GA structure.

The small admin building is found just to the right of the airfield, with a one-way road that gives access to a taxi stand, a car stop, and a bus stop for staff access. A tunnel goes underground to give access to a staff carpark. The admin building ground floor currently houses the administrators’ offices, a sitting area for the janitor and service technician, and two staff toilets. A lift allows access to the first floor, where the executives’ offices are located, and the basement, which allows access to the carpark. Due to the current bug, I have not been able to tile the floors yet, so they’re just concrete for now.

I envisage this airport as one to provide more convenient access to Yokohama and Tokyo than NRT, and so, will be aiming for the medium aircraft, starting with domestic flights! More to come soon…

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