Xtrem-Airport - How much is possible

I’m trying to build to build an airport with so many gates and runways as possible that is nearly realistic.
At one point there are too many planes and PAX at the ground that the game itself added flights to the schedule.

More information and pictures are coming soon.

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197 years… and still no flight to Mars.

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I’ve making a “small” rebuild of the airport

Before (about one month ago):


What have i done?

  • removing the emergency Terminal (on the left corner)
  • complete rebuild of Terminal 5 (on the top in the middle)
  • adding runways for more seperatet aircrafts
  • change position of the medium de-icing stands
  • improve taxiways

Small Stands (Commercial): 18 → 10
Small Stands (GA): 18 → 9
Medium Stands: 27 → 34
Big Stands: 18 → 16
Small Runways: 4 → 4
Medium Runways: 4 → 6
Big Runways: 2 → 4

Possible next Project: finding place for more big stands


Aircraft elevators are needed, so we can have stands underground :wink:


In the last couple of days I reconfigured the 4 main terminals to improve the ways the PAX have to go.

Level -2:

Level -1:

Level 0:

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Is this a new airport or the one where you cheated with money?

It’s the same airport.
I don’t have the patience for a new airport at the moment. :rofl:

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You do not want an oil crisis.

I know :see_no_evil:, i changed it yesterday evening. :raising_hand_man:

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I use open parking space, because I like to see my vehicle count on the parking’s.

I used them also in the past but there is not enough space for parking lots.

How about on -2?

all full. :joy:
you can see it in my post 2 days ago the first picture.

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What spec machine are you running this on?

Dell G7 7700
RTX 2070 Super

After many many days of planing, changing the layout over and over again i finally made it.
I have find the perfect layout (for myself). I moved everything what’s possible to underground.

Not much unused space left. :wink:



and that’s the result of about 60 hours reconstruction

btw. don’t ask about the money :wink: