Wrong gate guys

My question is about how the people find seating?
What input they get from the computer coding?
So the gate at the center in the pics is Gate 1. And as you can see there is no one sitting down waiting.
Instead everyone has gone to the next gate under. And the people sitting just behind the wall, atm they are taking up 2 hole benches. They are all going from gate A1, but are sitting in gate A2.

They are very much “not logical” when the people pick their seats. This is why I do not create walled off gate areas.

It’s a realistic feature :smiley:

How often have I seen passengers in the Terminal that were completely lost, even at simple such as Munich.

My guess is that the fetching method does not take floor into proper account, have you bug reported this?


I have not, but i saved the game when doing this, so i will report it as soon as it loads :slight_smile:

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Nice design though, compliments! :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile: <3

Reported with number ACEO-14643

Btw; Gate ID Zoning would be nice, so, you could drag out zoning from a gate, based on the boarding desks, where the PAX should sit.


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