World's first ACEO' "mars" stand?!


Is it photoshop? No.

Small ‘test’ airport - Steam Community :: Error


Looks interesting…

Visually it sucks, but it works and saves space!


Welcome to the forums. I’ve seen a little of this over on Discord. Very interesting I will say.

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wait, are the two stands on there???

It does look that way yes. Three you could say :slight_smile:

There are 3 stands, 1 small and 1 medium and on the top of it is 1 large stand


How did you do it?



Do you think 2 medium stands can be setup rather than 1 small and 1 medium?

Also @Olof @Fredrik @Alexander you might wanna see this :slight_smile:

Looks cool! :smiley: I guess you can move stuff around in the save files like this. Unfortunately we won’t be able to support multiple aircraft on the same stand. It is a 1 to 1 relationship.


A very nice hack! Well done! :smiley:


No any “z-buffer fighting” with this setup? I’ve been moving stands to make their service roads common, but there’s been always visible fighting between one and the other road (switching in intervals from one to another being on top).

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Well, I loaded the save and it’s fine, but after some time the medium stand came to the top…

Love the idea! It’s so easy to do!

Yeah, this is the downside of it… Same with my intersecting runways…


I’d say it’s doable, (maybe, I don’t know coding) but it would have to be “if aircraft a is on stand, b and c cannot be” and vice versa… I’m trying to think of what works similar.

if they could make this. Or someone make an actual mod for this. It will be a big break through.
(Comment so the page doesn’t set this to archive.

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i think it is impossible to make real mod out of it…

but thanks for this :grinning:

but maybe we could make some stickers and use the same “technology” of moving things…

@humoresque :thinking:

Why do we have to move the stickers? Why not just place them over the stand?
But hey, I can try. I need to do some research though. However, I got my Covid booster yesterday, so there nothing else I can do (I don’t feel good)

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