World Crashing

Sorry to be a bother again but my game now crashes straight away on opening any saved airport. Been running perfectly fine up till now. I can start a new world fine but when i exit it and try to go back on it, the game just crashes. It gets to pretty much opening then crashes

Link to Youtube video of what happens, game just closes on its own

So if you start a new world, save it immediately, then load it the game crashes like in the video?

No, not any more, was crashing like the video but new worlds seem to have cleared now

But do old/existing saves still crash?

All old saves crash but new saves i create and save now work

hi, i am also having the problem. its getting frustrating

How big is your save file? If it is not too big you can send it directly to the devs so they can check it. PM me if you want to send the save game.

Please .zip the save file and send it to us directly at, it is likely most often a very easy exception being thrown when deserializing which we in most cases can fix quickly, but we need the actual save file to be able to do anything.

OK thanks

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