WMP - Wiki Modernisation Program - Thx!

A community effort to improve the wiki. Thanks to @MKH1020.

See the actual ToDo list over here;

Ever looked at the ACEO wiki and been like:

Well, we’re about to bring an end to that!

You heard that right, I want you to contribute to the wiki!

There you go ~ Jasperwillem

As it can be a very important resource, but right now… it isn’t. Whether it is its out-of-fashion interface, or the lack of images, content, and up-to-date-ness, the wiki is currently dead, and not useful as a resource. This is going to become especially noticeable as the game goes through beta phase, and later release.

Not having an available, formal, neatly-laid-out source of information about the game’s workings makes it less accessible, and has already overloaded the forum and Discord (maybe the Reddit too, if I followed that) with monotonous requests for help, or clarification.

This is where the WMP comes in:
The wiki is, as its name says, publicly editable, meaning that you can contribute to it and solve this problem.

What are the most immediate things you can do to improve the wiki?

  • Add images, they liven the website up and make it easier to read.
  • Contribute to essential articles, like baggage, or emergencies.
  • Add new articles, for example baggage security is missing one.
  • Port tutorials of yours, they’re easier to find on the wiki, and contribute more there. (make sure you have permission from the author, or it’s you).

For admins:

  • Update the interface to follow current web design trends, this makes it easier to use, and will give the impression that the wiki is active.

Hopefully we can update the wiki, and make it relevant, as a result of this call to action.



Great idea, I love reading game wikis, and ACEO definitely deserves a good one. I’ll try to contribute somehow.


Tried to update it and the software to edit the site got wonky and the adds are intense space takers/distractions

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I will contribute a bit! Why not! :wink:

Can you register with your forum account??

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I will help as soon as I wake up tomorrow!

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People should make a trello board for updates on the wiki! But nothing if fine to :slightly_smiling_face:

Also this happens if I try to save changes:

Do I need an account for this to work?

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yup. me too.


Yeah, I can see that one of the reasons is failed it poor design and many ads… But I can’t do anything about it. I think this should be something for @Olof to discuss, as there needs to be some sort of documentation, publicly editable or not.

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I am working on Fueling things! As well as a few other things. :+1:

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I think the Fuel Depot, Fuel Tank, and Fuel whatever pages should be merged, as there currently isn’t enough content for any of them

I am still working on them! But whaterver :slightly_smiling_face:

Fuel tankers/trucks are done! :+1:

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Working on Check In Desks.


The Todo List;

This is going to be an ever changing list composed of Wiki pages that are in the most dire need of updating.

Primary Priority for action:

  • Creation of Central “Refueling” page and unification of the smaller fuel related pages into it.
  • Updating of images, most are of the old interface that has been phased out years ago.
  • Unification of pages of aircraft of the same series (CRJ-200, CRJ-700), and update of other aircraft pages.
  • Update of the Security page
  • Creation of pages for zones and rooms.

Secondary Action:

  • Addition of screenshot, we need moar screenshots, things are boring without them, you don’t have to include the screenshot in a page, you can simply upload it so it can be used by other people.
  • Updating of infoboxes, the aircraft infobox template is lacking and outdated, if you’re familiar with MediaWiki, please do update the thing.
  • Creation of modding related pages.

In your free time:

  • If you see pages that lack infoboxes, or navboxes, or categories, please categorise them accordingly.

I have worked on them in the past to realise aplha development was going too fast to keep the content up to date. So i decided to hold back untill apha is over. Thx for reminding me.

Sorry for the mess :smiley: ~ Tried to rearrange the topic :smiley: ~ But the forum bot is very persisting. ~ The mess will disappear soonish.

Ah, someone suggested posting the ToDo list in my top post, that is done now :smiley:

Lets work on the Wiki!


I started with this as well, but before I saw your edit (because I’m from the discord server). I’m moving everything to the Fuel page. Do you want to move your parts or should I do it?


go ahead and move what ever you like, just don’t delete it: I spent time on it

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I added all the pictures here but I don’t know how to format them. Can someone please do it?

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