Windows under "Structures"

Has anyone else been wanting windows that you can place on existing walls in various areas like the departure hall? They could maybe have a look similar to the sliding doors, thin glass planes?


Maybe they do not carry any functionality? Only for aesthetics…


Yes, windows would be a really good idea. Janitors could also be given the job of cleaning them.


It’s hard to do windows top down


True, but Prison Architect gets it spot on.

Prison architect is not true top down


Still, I think an effort should be made for some sort of windows to be implemented, it would make our airports feel a lot more realistic.


Windows without function are more decoration than aesthetics. But light could be an important factor in the game. People feel better in light areas, which contributes to the overall airport rating. This way windows would provide daylight and well-being.


Who says effort isnt being made?

@Axel would be jice, but since lighting is not simulated inside… :slight_smile:

@pderuiter not yet simulated. But what’s the point of having windows without light?

Pure decorative. Line of sight. Both totally irrelevant at this point :slight_smile:

See I thought this was a place where the community could express what they want in the game, not a place where moderators can mock people because they don’t like an idea.


Are you serious? I’m not mocking anything.

Im just saying that just because windows arent in the game, that doesnt mean they arent working on it.
But since it has zero impact on the game at this time it will probably have a very low priority.

Welcome to the forums and try to enjoy yourself, and try to refrain from judging too fast :slight_smile:


yeah i did some tests with windows, but making them look nice visually in 2D is tricky :frowning:


I’m really glad someone actually cared to try though, I hope you manage to work it out since I think it could really improve the immersion of the game. :relaxed:

Fyi, Jettuh is the official artist for Airport CEO :slight_smile:

You will find many people who care here :wink:


Thank you :relaxed:

I agree, windows would be fun and as Jettuh said we’ve been struggling a bit with it. Will of course not give up but try again at a later stage. If anyone has any ideas or just want to brain storm around how they could look you’re free to do so here!

Here’s the best I could come up with for a ‘normal’ window i.e not departure lounge, but office and also a glass door. But, I expect a lot of difficulty will come with the ‘flooring’ if you look at how existing doors work, the flooring does not split to match adjoining rooms. With an office window, this could be mitigated using a window sill.


Yeah the real issue is that the wall is a meter thick, so making a window looks kinda weird.

Also played around with having a window on the sides of a wall (and keeping it grey on top)
Will play some more with windows in the future