Window Direction

Hello! Does anyone know which side of the windows is for the outside of the terminal and which is for the inside? Just want to make sure I get it right.

Ask @Jettuh

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The one side that looks good with walls on left and right ide of glass.

Trust me I also figures it out by that way :wink:

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I’d say it depends based on your preference but maybe @Jettuh has a better answer… :wink:

Actually you can also check foundation. On 1 side foundation fits perfect and on other side, foundation look spillover

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we are discussing how we can improve this :wink:


btw, in theory you can use them in both directions, depending what you think looks best :slight_smile:


Latest status, we will be updating the window asset.
The new version will look better and feels more intuitive :slight_smile: (thanks to Olof and Fredrik for helping to brainstorm).

As mentioned in the past, building stuff for a 2D game sometimes has proven to be harder than you’d think.
Some “real things” don’t look great from top down (including windows).

Here is a fun example of people walking from top, it looks like they take giant steps from this top view:


That’s so weird seeing that it looks like they take giant steps. It just doesn’t look right at all :wink:


Haha, the most common quote from our collaborative chats with @Jettuh… then again we always do end up with something great looking.


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