Willy Brandt Intl. Airport (BBI)

Hi guys,

here’s picture of my current project, started yesterday and there’s still a lot to do. It should resemble the BBI Airport in Berlin, which is still under construction…

I always try to make my designs as clean and as symmetric as possible.

Btw, my debt “counter” is still rising, just like in reality. LOL


How is the construction progress going on? Can we expect an opening date before Airport CEO leaves Alpha Phase? :yum:

Just a little reminder:
Keep an close eye on the fire system. Oh, not implemented in the game yet. Maybe that’s better for your airport, there should be no construction delays. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Alright enough humor: Airport design looks great.


Expected opening will be before the real BBI opens, that’s for sure. Thanks, I hope my MacBook can handle the amount of objects, when it’s open. CPU-usage in this version is way better but sometimes, when I open the menu, I have lags for 5-10 seconds.

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I completely rebuilt my airport and a new terminal with 23 medium stands and 8 small stands is still under construction. It’s so big that my Laptop (MacBook Pro 13" 2017) starts to struggle with the frames. Had to reduce the resolution and details in order to keep the game playable.

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