Will we do a company competition for the new services?

Sorry if this is redundant or already been answered, but I remember when shops and eateries were announced, there was a competition for one that would be used in game. I was wondering if there would be one for catering, cleaning, de-icing chemicals, and this is a bit hopeful, but some new airlines?

For de-icing, you are offered multiple contracts. I haven’t tried catering nor cleaning, because I have no Medium Stands, only Small Stands.

The devs decided to not hold a competition this time like there was with the food, shops & airlines. As you can see, there are already some companies for catering & de-icing in-game. Cleaning doesn’t need any companies as the ‘town’ is picking up the garbage.

If there’s really a lot of people who want a new design contest for this, who knows they might still do a contest, but the chances are pretty low I think.


Yeah, we did consult this option but given time constraints and the fact that we wanted to have everything out on the branches before the Summer sale we decided to do them in-house. If this topic were to get 20 different answers of “I want to participate in a contest” we’d happily change our minds but at this point, as Jeremy said, I find that highly unlikely! :wink:


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