Will there be missions?

Will there be missions in game from like companies, from the (local) government or from airlines? For example to build some installation or be able to process X amount of passengers an hour. And get rewarded for completing them in for example money machines or extra flights. I think this will add a lot to the game like choosing for a particular brand or airline or even a playstyle. you could even implement a pr department to get you the best missions and deals with companies and airlines.

Excellent question !Would be awesome to get “contracts” and then earn a “completion bonus”. Don’t think it will be the case in early release but hopefully something the devs add in future patches.

This is very similar to the programs which can be run in Prison Architect, e.g build x number of cels and get 20,000 in return. Would be cool to see government grants like have a satisfaction rating of 8-% or more, and recieve more money a week compared to normal, or buid x gates and recieve 100,000. I doubt this would be seen immediately after release, but would be a cool addition.

Missions I think would be great. I can see missions coming from a number of entities. Airlines want to see X improvements maybe before they will fly in. Maybe they want to expand business customers so you need to create a lounge. Government might want to you upgrade certain aspects of your airport such as landing equipment, runways, etc…

Suppliers may want upgraded facilities such as fuel storage, or a certain number of shops.

I don’t think everything should be monetary compensation, unlocking aspects, gaining airlines would be nice also.

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I think @thetuque is right, not everything should be monetary if missions / unlocking aspects come in. For example you can’t unlock larger aircraft until you’ve unlocked better safety features which can’t be unlocked until you have a decent safety record or level of facilities.

Just a thought. I know it would probably be way down the line as the devs will want to get the game out but could be interesting features in the future or even opened up to us guys on the steam workshop!

About locking features, Simairport requires research for ROADS :unamused: I’m sure ACEO devs aren’t that stupid, but I felt like it needed to be mentioned, there are some good features there, but research is awful. Everything that is related to unlocking features, like research and missions, should be thought carefully, if you restrict too much, soon your structure will not be adequate. For example Cities Skylines, everything is very restricted, you unlock it by growing population, so when you unlock something bigger or better, it is common that it won’t fit in your city in a nice way. Of course experienced players already know what’s coming so they plan ahead but I think that if I wan’t to start a new map every time I discover a new feature, then something is wrong.

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One more thing, research should be extensive, it should take a long time for you to finish it (not that every step takes a long time, but there are many options and branches). I really like research in games like Victoria II and Europa Universalis IV (very different genre but still), you keep doing research during all the time of a save. Prison Architect is a good example of a good research system, it restricts the game, but not in a way that it’s impossible to play, and it’s rather extensive. I realize this thread isn’t about research, but everything I said applies to missions as well.

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I’m pretty sure the devs talked about some of the high end airlines having certain requirements before they will use your airport, such as needing a lounge.

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Maybe an airline wants its own terminal and will provide money and/or resources (construction workers) for the building of terminal. In addition they could later ask for renovations. Additional gates. More restaurants. Larger lounges etc.

This doesn’t seem impossible to implement, and would be a great advanced mission, imagine how huge it would be. I think that GA could be more developed and then there would be so many possible missions in this theme. For example if you accept in your airport a VIP flight from someone famous, you could have fans coming to the airport just to see this VIP, other passengers could be irritated if the place was too crowded, oh the possibilities… Though I don’t know how this could fit the game mechanics.

I think you are on the wrong topic here

Excactly you should be able to choose. It would add a whole new part to the game and keep you busy even after hours and hours of playtime

OpenTTD is very complex and has a large number of intuitive nuances that a wiki would be useful to describe for example signals and signalling or timetables.

As it seems so far ACEO is relatively simple and although it might be an interesting read the majority of it’s function could be performed adequately by ingame tooltips and descriptions.

@jandoedel2 oups…

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