Will Some Airlines Have a Office/HQ At Your Airport?

As some airports in real life have Offices and HQs of airlines located on property/in a terminal or their operations center.
Like RJTT/RJAA containing some JAL/ANA Ops Centers or as RJTT has a HQ/Operations Center in Terminal One.

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Iā€™d assume that office space and management space would come as apart of the contract?

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It would be interesting as a contractual perk you could get over time meaning that if you have a long standing and successful cooperation with an airline (a lot of flights with a good turnaround rating) the airline would inquire to operate out of your airport.

This is currently not on any development roadmap but might be so at a later stage, sounds like a fun part of building long standing relations with airlines.


Yay my idea got the attention of a Dev again.

I like this idea, I agree with @Olof that it would be a thing that happens over time and with good ratings. This could also be the start of an airline wanting to have a hub at your airport.

I think as you grow, more airlines would be interested in having a hub at your airport. I think that as all airports get bigger, the devs should implement this.

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