Wildcat Air (Green compagny)

Airline Name: Wildcat Air

Airline Description: Wildcat Air is a Belgian Compagny since 1991, whitout luxery vocation. Specialized in world travel for discover the beauty of the priceless Wild life and working with some NGO for wilderness preservation. Working on new EGTS electric taxiing system and bio-jet fuel.

Airline CEO Name: Pauline de Wind

Airline Design Image:


This looks amazing! I love the whole ‘Orange Stripes’ thing. The logo, too, looks perferct! This one definetly has a big chance to win!

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Yep, nice one ! I like the spirit ! Good luck !

I think this exists.

Oh… Welp, that sucks!

Oooow… I work on new name now… :disappointed_relieved:

Im sorry I had to tell you, rather sooner then later. :disappointed_relieved:

For sure ! Thank’s ! :blush:

Yes! This is exists.

So, i think now is better… :thinking:

I really did not know this company. :persevere:

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I preferred the tiger, but oh well… Copyright is copyright… :wink:

And it is still an amazing design!


Amazing design!

Yep me too… But the rules. Wildcat it’s not bad too ! And yes, the design and spirit still perfect. With nice idea of new technology.

Like @BLoodY, i make un little simulation to see in game look. :blush: Nice idea ! (But, i dont have the shadow.)

I hope you will not be mad if I do the same thing… :no_mouth:


hey @daepera
first thing is community!
if you want, I can do anything for you,
send me pics, I can apply shadows with pleasure