Why is my contractor not building?

Why is my contractor not building any thing? There is alot to build but everyone is just standing in contractor offload!?

Not sure why that is happening, but you might want to try submitting a bug report (so the Devs have the save file and info causing the issue so that they can replicate), then if you’re impatient, press F10, and uncheck the boxes (somewhere in the middle) regarding simulating construction and construction materials. This will force build everything instantaneously without contractors. (AKA a “cheat” to save time)

They can’t access to building area. The only cause can be the thing that will be constructed is located in a room with 4 walls around it and has no doors. Other than that everything is accessible by contarctors.

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Try to show the area that is under constructionF12 is also your friend for making screenshots with steam.

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This sounds very accurate! :slight_smile:

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Yes that i know but nothing im buildning is around walls at all. I see now that it is only a few workers that is working of my 35 workers, somthing strange some where.! thanks for all help20181006153217_1|690x388

Could you show your airport with zoom out? I mean zoom back out and show whole airport in 1 picture.

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Strange. Looks like a pathfinding bug. I suggest you to report it to developers via in game report system.

i already done it! thanks for all help!

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can you do a pick zommed in on the cargo bay area in the north? i can’t see for sure as it’s not sharp if i zoom in but i think i see deconstruction there.

Are the crosswalks technically connected? They all look like they have 1-2 tiny squares in between each one of them (not sure though). You can overlap crosswalks too to ensure every tiny square is covered in walkable path.

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