Why Does the Game Take So Long to Shutdown?

When I exit the game, it takes at least two-and-a-half minutes to exit. I’m offered the opportunity to save the game; I select NO (having already saved). It then takes a long time to exit. Why?

My guess is that the game removes and cleans all objects.
And your airports seem to have a lot :slight_smile:

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It depends on your airport size, you most likely have a very large airport that you’re quitting form which means that you have a lot of memory allocated for thousands of game objects which are safely dumped by the game engine.

We’ll look over the quitting procedures in the future, if you wan’t to force quit it you can always use ctrl + alt + delete… :wink:


WOW, mine closes more or less instantly. I’d wrongly assumed that’s how everyones closing down was.

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Build bigger airlports:p

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LOL, I use up ALL of the space :yum:

I’m waiting to build even bigger. I know I can cheat on that one, but happy to wait.


I’ve used that many times to expedite the process. I’m concerned that something may be amiss, because (as I’reported elsewhere), I have no departing passengers. I thought that my Task Manager kill might have effected that.

60 seconds to exit from that build. Amazing job.

@Olof, here’s a link to the airport savegame: Dropbox - File Deleted

Amazed there are people who dont quit A-CEO that way. :smiley: