Why do you need two runway entrance/exit when you can specify either arrival/departure?

I’m a bit confused as to why that would be necessary since the planes would only ever need to get on or off at one point. I does make sense to have two entrance/exit on a runway that is used for both arrival and departure, but if you specify that a runway should only be used for one kind of activity, why not remove the two entrance/exit-restriction?

Without 2 runway entrances path finding algorithm could get bugged.

My arrival runway has only exit; my departure runway has only entrance. Never seen it bugged. Works like a charmer.

Far left and far right outer runways are departure. Next to each, arrival.

Now, vehicle path-finding…that is bugged!

I thin I filed a bug report (ACEO-14631) about that some time ago, it did not show up in the buglist yet. When you create a runway, it is indeed demanding to have exit and entry. Somehow I (and Dallas obviously too) managed to get rid of the second one. Maybe just delete it before it got built, I don’t remember.

If you want to open a runway with only 1 exit/entry there are 3 conditions that apply:

  1. The runway must be either departures only or arrivals only.
  2. The entry/exit must allow traffic in both directions (due to safeguards in taxi-pathfinding needed to prevent very bad deadlocks))
  3. Traffic must have a taxipath to the stands in both directions (due to the same safeguards in taxi-pathfinding)

I have two open runways that violate 2 and 3

No hacks, just sandbox mode.
Works fine.

@dewitjur, My StructureData.json hack also violates 2 and 3. So, uh, no.

Okay, great replies! I guess I messed it up when I flipped the departures/arrivals toggle thing back and forth? Going to try this later tonight and see if I can get it to work.

I managed to get it to work by first building two entrance/exits and then switching to “arrival/departing only” and then removing one of the entrances/exits :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!

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