Why do my planes take so long to board

My planes have been taking forever to board. Majority of the time, they don’t leave on time and that causes everything else to be delayed. I have my flights scheduled 120 mins apart and they still can’t turn around in that amount of time. Any idea’s why this is happening? Do I need two boarding desks? I have plenty of pushback trucks (more than 1 per gate) and this is still happening.

Press G to get an overview of what is happening. It could be you need more checkin desks, PAX not arriving on time, security, not enough airport staff for checking in then loading etc. etc. etc.


check security lines ,boarding gates full staffed maybe more than one for large plane no obstructions,baggage carts and ramp agents,fuel trucks. and if all else fails in the flight planner select DEPART or always depart or something like that (last selection) it releases the plane regardless if its loaded or not…no more late flights


Two good suggestions here! :slight_smile:

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