Why do I need emergency vehicles?

In the tutorial I am told to put down emergency vehicles and buildings. I’m even told to put down a police car patrol and delete it.

But it’s not explained why I need these vehicles. Since I bought them, they’ve just sat in the parking spaces, costing me money and I’ve never seen them move.

Why are they needed?


What difficulty have you chosen when you started the game? The easiest one?

Those vehicles are required to handle emergencies (Medical emergencies on planes, ambulance airlines, burning planes due to bird strikes, handling suspicious persons on planes).
Those events and many others can occure randomly. But if you play in the easiest mode, the chance is almost 0%.
If you play on sandbox, there is even an option to turn off those emergencies completely.

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Tutorial, no change to any default settings. There WAS an emergency, but I hadn’t researched how to handle it when it happened! None since then. But thanks for clarifying. (I also noticed, since I posted here, that there was an email in my in-game inbox explaining this.)

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Well, in the beginning of Beta 1 in medium & hard difficulty I needed emergency vehicles long before I researched the emergency response units. Sometimes I needed to dismiss 4-5 emergencies involving police or firefighters, before the tutorial popup telling me to research emergency response. From beta 1.10 I research it right after completing the commercial flights just in case, but those emergencies requiring “units” seem to start happening now from day 4+ of year 1, instead of 2+ like before. “Not airworthy” still happen, but hangars seem to be now buildable before that research.

Once you play the tutorial whole the 1st time, the next time don’t listen to most of it, as it tells you to build things in not really an optimal order.

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