Why can't my passengers pass security chekpoint?

Hi, I know that there may have been a few posts on this topic, but none of them seemed to help me. For some reason my passengers are stuck in one place and say that a a person can’t pass a security checkpoint.

There are lots of independent secure zones without security check. You should remove those.

From that picture it’s difficult to tell what’s wrong
Where will the passenger go? (Click on the red !)
What is the clue of secure zone 2 & 3?
It could be that the passenger will go to the toilette after the security check, wich where not in security zone

I tried doing that. Didn’t help

What tried you?

I made the bathrooms secure zone and also found out that one of the workers is trying to go to the baggage bay which was a staff zone and now I made it an open zone, but still nothing changed

Do you have some more screenshots of your entire terminal including zone overlay? May we can see the issue.

I can give you my games save, but if it’s better if i give screenshots for you, I can make them.

Save is also good. :slight_smile:

I need a bit of help. I know where to find the save, but how do I upload it here? Sorry it’s my first time doing something like that.

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You can upload it to your google drive, and then paste the link here or upload the save to the workshop, but then it is public (Well it is here too but fewer people are on here)

Oh wait nevermind. Here

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Thank you :blush:

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Link only leads to my drive… Sorry for poking my nose in here

Should work now.

Sadly, it still doesn’t work… :frowning: At least for me

Ok. tried another method.

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It works!

Hopefully now it finally works :joy:

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