Where is your board members?

So here is a fun question.
Where do you put your board members?

Are they just cramped together with everyone else?
Or are they all alone in nice offices and never see anyone?

Please share your solution and thoughts :slight_smile:

At my airport i opted for the design of a board room.
The idea is that they sit here and can manage all aspects of the airport together and brainstorm when problem arises. From staff incidents to airport operation, to safety aspects and so on and on.


I like to do smaller offices (2 board members per office) and an office for myself. I like to group them by similar tasks (financial, operation, don’t remember the third). Also a large conference room has to be there.

Here’s an example of my style in an separate building. :slight_smile:


Nice, i like the idea of a conference room for singing contracts with airlines and for fuel and so on. I do wonder how all that is done IRL, still a lot of singing papers? Or is it all done digitally? :thinking:

Really nice all!

A small office for every board executive individually. Obviously I have the one that’s slightly bigger. No conference room but I might make one in future

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Here’s something i made when i did an airport for the contest.


Here’s something i made when i did an airport for the contest.

This is actually amazing I LOVE IT :rofl:


I add executive offices as the Airport expands. This small airport I have now, I only have myself and the Director of Procurement, for now. I’m currently saving cash on this account to build a second terminal when the multi-floor update is fully implemented. In that one, the second level will be the main level of the terminal, with the lower level being baggage and baggage security, staff rooms and, closer to the terminal exit, the main entrance and exit, at least until the ability to elevate the roadways becomes a possibility.


Inspired by this thread, I decided to invest in some more sophisticated offices for my board memebers, too… :wink:


This is one fantastic office area! You mind if I nick that idea for one of my next builds?

Just let you get inspired :wink:

My ‘Head Office’ suite which I have set up as a template for use in all my builds.

Administrators hard at work top right, the CEO office and board room bottom right, and the other executives on the left. Unfortunately (for them) they have to share offices, but it does make a nice compact design.

PS: Just realised I haven’t put any windows in… :blush: