Where is the mod?

Hello, so I got some mods (stickers for my airport) but I can’t find them anywhere. I have turned on the current mod from the modding section, and I searched for it all over the gameplay but I can’t find it. Can somebody help me?

Sticker mods need specific files to be moved from one folder to another. It’s not too complicated.
On PC move the contents of the folder stickers
Windows (C:)\Program Flies (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\673610\ (you're going to have to find the correct number)
drive:\Users\(Your User)\AppData\LocalLow\Apoapsis Studios\Airport CEO\Stickers

I can supply Mac if necessary :slight_smile:

hint, in the URL of the mod in steam, the id there is the number name of the mod folder in steamapps…


uh, so I checked my files, there isn’t any file that is related, the thing is, it is downloaded, but it’s missing. What?

Which mod is it?

Sorry for not replying, but it’s a sticker mod, to be exact, it’s Airport Signs and Markings.

There is no Windows (C:)\Program Flies (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\673610\2386005590 file on your computer? Hmmmm

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