Where is my people? International Airport (in construction)

So, hello, me again.
As you know, i’m very much into designing big international airports, and i’ve been working on this one this last days, and it was a pleasure that during the design phase of this airport, the new update came out, so i’m giving it a try. First, here’s the screenshots:

The design is a traditional Atlanta-style big airport with 1 main terminal and 2 off-terminal boarding concourses. Everything is comunicated via floor -1 with a big corridor hall.
All this is possible because now we have multi floors, and we can build under the floors, so i’m using them as services and the departure halls for the remote stands.

In total, the airport has 42 jetbridge stands and 4 remotes, 4 runways (2 for departures and 2 for arrivals (one in each side).

It runs at 9-10 fps and i have an Nvidia 1080ti with a i7-8700k processor. Till here everyting is nice. I started opening the first 4 stands (down left) and those remotes. Everything was ok, had no delays, all planes went airborne with ±15 min. All flowers and honey, as we say in México. But then the distaster came when i opened all the concourse, here’s my flight planner:

And here’s the op’s panel:

Something here catched my attention:

What?? I do know that delays are being caused because of my lack of personnel, but, i’ve never seen before that passengers not even arrived to the terminal :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’ll keep this post with updates of the airport when i have time to do so.

Thank you for reading, hope you liked the design!

Great design of your airport - very interesting! :+1:

Take a look to your bus zone in front of your terminal. There may be one or more bays there that are blocked by a bus and therefore can not hold other buses.
But I know the problem, too. It got better when I built a metrostation but there are still some (less) flights without a single PAX in the terninal.

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Yeah, I was going to say the same thing, Check the Bus stations. You might not have enough or they might be blocked. I have had that issue before because of those reasons.

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Place some subways, that often will help as well.


Looks indeed like you have some performance issues with how many people can arrive at your airport, but it is very true that the game does not properly communicate that. What happens if you place down more subway entrances?

I placed them, and it definetly improved the people arriving, but i discovered some other issues while updating the airport. Tomorrow will post the next update :smiley:

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