Where do i find the planes added in the ACEO Tweaks Aircraft Pack?

I want to use the planes in the ACEO Tweaks Aircraft Pack, but i cannot find where the files for them are located at all, either on my computer or online. Where are they? I really want to use them.


Do you play on Steam?
And do you have the ACEO Tweaks already installed?

When the Tweaks are installed, the only thing to do is to subscribe to the Aircraft pack on the Steam Workshop and then activate the mod ingame in the modding menu.

Yes, i have installed the mod, and i have activated the mod ingame. I am looking to find where the files are for the aircraft, so i can modify the liveries and add them to my own airlines.

The aircraft files doesn’t help you, they are reduced to the absolutly maximum.

So you want to mod…
What tool are you using?
Here is the link to the ACEO Modding Group MDKs (also Vanilla is improved). Files are compatible with Gimp.