Where are you from, why do you like aviation, and how did you get interested in aviation?

I’m from Longmont, Colorado, United States of America. I am just fascinated by aviation and how they are amazing feet’s that us humans have engineered. I just love airplanes but not helicopters. I love airports and the fact that people are traveling around the world from the machines that we’ve made. When I was really little my parents took me out to D.I.A. " Denver International Airport" just to watch planes land and take off. That was a mistake by them. Ever since I have been really fascinated by aviation and I will always be.
I want You to share your stories so we can come together over this game.

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This is a duplicate of
‘Let’s Discuss: Airlines’
‘Lets Discuss: Airports’
‘Introductions: Tell us about yourself!’

Also, not helicopters? You heathen!

My discussion doesn’t only talk about what your favorite airlines or airports I just want to know where you guys are from and why you got interested in aviation.

Which is in the Introductions bit, surely…?

Yeah only in mine but not in the Let’s discuss airlines, and not in the let’s discuss airports

But what about ‘Introductions: Tell us about yourself!’?

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yes but no one says where there from and how they got interested in aviation though.

Im arthur and im from the beutiful greek island of cyprus!i was always intrested in bussines(since my childhood)my islands aviation was awful and when i compered with english airports i was intrested,i like this game because it has complicated bussines systems and i like the,!!

That’s very cool Arthur. I’m Dylan and I’m from the beautiful state of Colorado in the United States. Ever since I was little I was interested in aviation. I loved airplanes,and still do over the years I’ve expanded my knowledge of aviation and have big plans for the future in it. But first I still have to go to a good university for the types of degrees that I need for the future.
Thank you for your information, and your story.

When I was little I always used to stay at my grandparents place for part of the holidays. They had planes flying over there house which I always ran out to see, i’d see what airline they were from and that was all I knew about those planes at the time.

As I grew older I went to my first flight to my Aunty and Uncles house, this was on an Air New Zealand Q300, I researched about this plane and this is when my passion of aviation really started, I kept looking around on the internet for more information about Air New Zealand planes.

When I arrived at the airport to board my flight I saw all of these different planes and I attempted to identify them (I could only identify a few). When I got to the plane I was amazed at it, I was looking and looking at all the different parts.

After I got back home from their place (I also flew on another Q300) I researched more and more about aircraft, I realised how big the industry was and how many airlines and aircraft there were in the world. I couldn’t wait for my next flight.

After that I convinced my parents to go on a weekend trip to Wellington, we flew on an A320 which is the biggest aircraft I have flown on so far, It was such a different feeling being on a jet, it was only a short 30 minute flight at night, but I still loved it!! On the way back we flew on another A320 and the weather was really bad, but I LOVED it! It felt cool and I was looking out the window at the wings moving and I thought it was amazing!

A few months later I flew on another Q300 again to my Aunty and Uncles place, but on the return I flew in a ATR 72-500, I was disappointed on this flight as it felt all dark and gloomy, but it was cool as we were turning on final into NZCH I saw the Emirates 77W take to the skies which I thought was so cool!

It has been a yearly thing now, that I fly to my Aunty and Uncles place, I try to fly and a Q300 each time as they have been my favourite aircraft on this route.

My family look at me weirdly when a plane flies over and I name it and say how many people it can hold and other information about it.

I have recently joined a Young Eagles group and it has really broadened my knowledge of aviation as I have been able to take controls of an aircraft a few times now, it has shown me that there is more to aviation than just airlines. We have flown our own aerobatics in a Cessna 150a, we have flown to other airports for the day and we have flown in an old Tiger Moth which was a whole different experience as it is an open cockpit and it felt like I was going to fall out when we did a loop and barrel roll

I am about to start “formal” lessons at the Aero Club, my dream is to become a pilot for an airline, but i’m not sure if I want to fly regional, domestic or international yet.

I’m not really sure why I like aviation but I just do, it is a big passion of mine.

While I am writing this a Corvair 580 flew over which is rare for me, as we only get ATR 72’s or the occasional A320 fly over our house.

I live in a small town in New Zealand

Your story Ben is making me jealous of you, flying those small aircraft. The smallest aircraft I’ve been on was a CRJ-200 for Delta connection from Atlanta a.k.a ATL to a small regional airport in North Carolina. The largest aircraft I’ve been on was a Boeing 757 from Denver to Atlanta. I’ve piloted a Cessna 170 before but I didn’t really believe that piloting an aircraft was the right job for me. So instead my dream is to become the president and CEO of my own regional,domestic,and maybe international Low cost airline. Or to become the CEO of a large and busy International airport, like Denver International Airport, since I live in Colorado, U.S.A.
Love the story,


That sounds like a cool career, I might be a pilot for your airline one day? You never know.

I can’t wait to fly on a bigger aircraft, I think we are going to fly from NZCH or NZAA to YPPH on an Air New Zealand 789 in the next year or 2, I can’t wait!!


Cool for my spring break I’m flying from KDEN to most likely KJFK. But I don’t know what aircraft though.

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Hi, I’m Alec.

I’m from the all familiar city of London. I’ve been in love with aviation for as far back as I remember, flying back and forth from London to the north of Italy (Verona) every year at least once since I was 2. I have been a member of the RAF Air cadets but left as I felt I wasnt getting enough of the good stuff, Flying! Since then I have taken up a couple of flight simulators (Namely DCS for the complex military simulations and x Plane for your GA and commercial flights) as well as getting started with my PPL. As of writing this I have clocked 5 hours of flight time in a PA28 Warrior out of a small aerodrome called Elstree (ICAO EGTR). The problem of getting the hours is that it’s expensive, so I have decided to approach it slowly at first until I’m actually old enough to receive my PPL, then accelerate the training.

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Hi Alec and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
Good luck with your training

Welcome, Alec that is an amazing story. I hope that you find this up coming game to your liking. One question though, What are your plans for your airport?

I’m planning to take inspiration from my favourite airports IRL ( ENGM, LOWS, EGSS, EGTR) and other ones too to build a medium sized commercial airport, estimating approx stands around 10-20. I find this game will allow my aviation related creativity to go free!

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Waterford Michigan I’ve been interested in aviation for years

Might as well add my little bit. I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I’m a violinist and professional musician. I’ve been into aviation as long as I can remember, particularly civil aviation and my family used to take trips to Malaysia and Singapore regularly when I was young to see family. As I grew older the interest grew and I became heavily interested in all aspects of civil aviation from airports, to airlines etc. The management and running of it fascinates me and I love sitting at an airport and watching everything happen around me.

I’m pretty lucky to fly fairly frequently (at least 4-5 trips a year) for music related stuff, in particular in Australia. My Australian carrier of choice is Virgin Australia. @Colorado1 this might interest you but I’m actually currently in Aspen for the music festival. But I’m flying home with Delta and Virgin Aust in a week. :slight_smile:

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Well, since everyone is posting their story, here’s mine:

I’m a teenager from Northumberland - for those of you who don’t know, that is the northernmost part of England. I am an aviation enthusiast, having previously been more of a railway fan around a couple of years ago.

Basically, I like all modes of transportation, and the operation and logistics of transport networks really interest and intrigue me.

Flying wise. Hmm…
A couple of holiday trips a year. Sadly…
I usually fly from Newcastle, or the slightly larger Edinburgh, although I have been to Heathrow a couple of times.

What’s more sad:
Smallest aircraft been on: A319
Largest aircraft been on: B737-800

I usually fly easyJet, although British Airways of my favourite airline.

Well, that’s me!

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