When will ramp agents use the jetway to access the stands?


I’ve only recently started encountering situations where my ramp agents won’t path to the stands via jetway, only via a door on ground level. Does anybody know what causes this or what I can do to cause them to use the jetways?

I’ll start testing some things when I have time later today. In the meantime, any help is appreciated.

This may be intentional from a realism point of view as if the ramp agent went down the jetway then they’d end up on the aircraft and they want to be on the ground to look round the aircraft and to handle baggage so it makes sense for them to accès the stand via a door on the ground floor.

It could also be a bug though.

I think the idea is that (most) jetways have an exit staircase down to the ground that agents can use.

All staff can use jetways to switch floors. Even passenger service agents. Usually they take the fastest route to work or to the staff room.

It does now depends on your layout why they prefer to walk outside or using ground floor doors instead jetways.

Do you have some screenshots of the way between staff room and stand?

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So I loaded my airport to take some screenshots of my setup. Then I bulldozed my elevator to show that they wouldn’t path through the jetway, and sure enough they pathed through just fine. :laughing:

I tried the same thing last night multiple times. No idea why it worked this time. Oh well. Thanks anyway!


My ramp agents always use the jetways. Just to let you know that it does work in the game.

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