What's wrong with this runway?

Good evening!

I’ve builded my second rwy, then I’ve marked the old one as landing-only, the new one as take-off-only.
The new one (in the screenshot the rwy at the top) has got a two-direction entry, all taxiways are one direction.
Like you see, the rwy status is green, but all stands are associated to the old runway and the aircrafts are now not able to take-off.
Is this a bug or my mistake?

Thanks a lot in advance!

I can suggest a few things.

  1. Set the top runway at the hold point to be entrance only.
  2. While it should not be needed, but a connection between the two runways towards the right hadn’t end of them.
  3. The aircraft might have already selected their taxiway and departure runways?
  4. The one way you have on your departure runway I’d say is not needed if point 1 is set

What you have set up does work as I regularly have that system myself. I guess just needs a little tuning.

I don’t see anything structural wrong. Have you tried to reload the save?

In my saves a runway would not activate with just one entree ramp, did you build more already?

I agree with my predecessor. Runways require 2 connections to taxiways. It does not matter whether they are take off or land only and direction of traffic is irrelevant as well.

BTW, irl you would have similar restrictions on building runways. Runways MUST facilitate both landing and take off. Some airports even alternate direction of traffic depending on weather and time of day eg Heathrow uses 9L and 9R alternating to 27R and 27L

Thanks a lot for your suggestions! Some of you are right

I’ve got the solution, I think:
A rwy in ACEO does not necessarily need two entries/exits. One is enough, if this is both entry and exit.
But that’s not enough. The logic in the game is based on the stand, not the runway. Every runway that is reachable for a stand has to be reachable for landing and take off, regardless of that the rwy is marked as landing-only or take-off-only.
Back to my airport, the problem wasn’t the runway direction mark or the entry direction, the problem was the one-way taxiway to the runway. This prevented that the runway can be used - theoretically - for both landing an take-off:

This game’s logic is realistic. Assuming a rwy could be used dependent on wind directions.
Not realistic is my runway design :grin:, but it’s based on the also not realistic possibility, to mark a runway as landing-only (or take-off-only) and the strange max capacitiy of only 6 flights per hour.

One more thanks for your help!

You’re right about the one-way-taxi-path. As to having one or 2 runway exits, the game will only operate a runway with one entry if that runway is set to only land or only takeoff, but indeed requires access in both directions to the stands.

This logic problem sounds like a bug in my opinion.

It is a leftover from a few patches ago, where runways had a different way of connecting to taxiways.

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