Whats the biggest Aiport possible? 35k is mine

Hi people!

Here is my try at building the largest airport I could think of.
35.000 Passengers daylie.

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I am currently just below 40k pax per day, but I am building 4 more large, and 8 more medium stands. Then my terrain will be full (and my laptop is at max performance xD). I think I can be more efficient, but it is quite fun to try to expand with this one. I will try to upload a couple of screenshots tonight or tomorrow. I am curious what others manage to achive

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I wrote this post last year december.

I play with the new large world map.
I’ve got normally between 45k and 55k PAX per day and around 350 flights with 16 large stands, 24 medium stands, 18 small stands, 18 GA and 2 large stands for emergencies.
For arrival and departure i’ve got each one large, two medium and two small runways.

When all stands are filled it’s only playable in slow mode, in fast mode the CPU needs 100% the whole time.
My Laptop is a Dell G7 7700 with a i7-10750H, 32GB RAM and a RTX 2070 SUPER.
With this airport design the cooling pad got melted cause of the high cpu temperature near 100 °C.

btw. that was the highest capacity i’ve arrived:

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I’m getting about 40-45k myself… Thinking if I should finally demolish the small stands and redesign to include more medium stands at what used to be my original GA terminal.


that looks good.
the design give me some new ideas what i can change.

67685 Passengers is crazy. Next airport is I build is going to target 69420 then! Nice