What type of airlines are already included?

Since the only other topic I found about this was way back in March, I thought it was time to create a new topic on this subject. In the video’s I have seen CLM (KLM?) and Maple Air, but I wonder if that are the only airlines on the EA state of this game. It would be nice to maybe have the possibility to add our own airlines through mods or something similair.

Hi there MisterPaddo and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:
For the initial release there wont be many more airlines than you have seen.

If you look elsewhere on this forum you will find several threads discussing modding including this one: :slight_smile:

Airline modding is discussed here briefly as being in the works but not yet fleshed out :slight_smile:

To help you out @MisterPaddo, the currently implemented airlines are:

Air Strada, CLM, Maple, Skylink, Stripe Air and Swiftly.

You can see them in the flight planner here:


Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

Ah thank you guys!

Forgot NAS…


Is it still around?

Worth adding that Air Strada, Skylink, Swiftly and Maple were all airlines designed by members of the community, and were selected after a community vote. I suspect that they may run another competition once the game is out to add some other airlines.


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