What takes the most processing power?

Modified Save file 1300x1300 map - I know I know, it’s not supported

The problem - FPS really crashes down- What part of the system is creating the massive demand. I used to not have any problem blowing through 85 stands same, basic setup no problems, it was magical to watch.

Facts - 35 active flights in a day (step wise turning on a few contracts, but FPS is terrible)
3 international terminals - 16 large stands each
1 domestic terminal - 18 medium stands
8 runways - 2 on each side of the map

Observations on possible sources of system demand
1 - Wandering vehicles - unassigned vehicles will simply dispatch themselves around the airport without an actual job. Fire trucks are notorious for this. If I could only get the police to be more spontaneous.
2 - Every extra floor seems to grow increase the demand, especially when pax have to calculate paths. I have found that trying to separate the arr and dep pax on different floors or something doesn’t work out well
3 - catering and cabin cleaning seem to cause demand - makes sense.
4 - anyone notice pax arriving underground being more problematic than ground level?
5 - do more terminals, even if they’re smaller in stands than a single large terminal, create problems?
6 - I’m really curious about walkways - in the delayed database environment of the large map, deleting terminal space is about the same as deleating pedestrian walkways 16 walkway squares is about the same time as 16 terminal square.

What stuff has anyone done that deliberately shrinks the game files? single paved taxiways might be interesting to try.

Anyway, it’s saturday and a lazy day. thanks for listening

Remove the secure-zone, before you give the Demolish task. The lag comes from unmerging and creating new secure-zone blocks non stop.

@jasperwillem that makes a lot of sense. I still get the same lag though from deleting the walkways. Obviously, it’s all purely a function of the size of the map, but in playing the large map my choice, I’m just curious what other work-arounds people have found.

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This is the reason size hacked maps is not supported, your PC has no chance of being able to handle it because of (not ranked in order of impact)…

  1. Long, complex paths to find by multiple agents
  2. Sheer amount of objects placed in the world
  3. Sheer amount of objects to be rendered
  4. Light sources (at night)

We’re currently working on performance improvements on multiple fronts, there are still a lot of improvements to be made, so I’ll refrain from going into detailed discussion on “what takes the most power” until we truly know how far ACEO can be optimized.


Long, complex paths to find by multiple agents
Sheer amount of objects placed in the world
Sheer amount of objects to be rendered
Light sources (at night)

Yup, I’m a gonner. Thank you for the factual response. I really have succeeded at all three of these. bigger airports make more objects. More terimals makes more distance to travel. The only light sources I use are the ones that are on the objects. I don’t ever place light sources. I wish you folks would make the mouse cursor always a light source. Perhaps only activating stand lights when there’s a scheduled landing or a plane in the stand? Anyway, thank you again for your answers. They have helped me greatly today.

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Hi forum,

I’m playing a unhacked/unmodded large map in 3.1.8 (game begun in 3.1.1~) and i’m the counterpart of an aesthetist… There are bare raw, square terminals, doors only where necessary for contractors, many checkins, many exits, many bordercontrols, but no art (no floors, only a few plants on the toilets). Summarized, this port is one ugly big block of concrete in one terminal with ~35’000 Pax each (good) day without any Element not absolutely necessary for efficient working flow (unsure until now about trashbins ;-)) This not because disrespecting the beautiful possibilities of making nice ports (guys, what you sometimes are doing is crazy beautiful), but its because i like to bring simulations to their limits by making biggEr and BiGGeR! :slight_smile:

I’m working at a Intel I7-4790k (about 4 times slower than current I9-10gen hi-end). GPU ist a GTX970, but i dont think’s the cause.

Now, i’m permanently on 99% CPU, Mem takes up about ~15gigs sometimes (32 avaliable) and stuttering permanenlty in lowest speed, Reloading games onto Main Menu without a full quit not frees Memory in same qty as it takes again by reload, growing time by time, if at ~12. unproven, it feals like loaded games not correctly will start and being stuck from begin?

So my general Question: Will this be better on higer CPU? is this a usual limit or consequence of a stuck savegame? What is the “biggest” played experience, if this is comparable at all cause Beta 1,2, 3? About the sense of aceo life: Will i ever been able to reach the Pax-Counts of ZRH Zurich Unique? :slight_smile:

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