What is this cargo/baggage bay icon trying to tell me?

Hi all,

The bay seems to be operational; it delivers bags, but it keeps warning me about something. not sure what, though…

Any idea what this means?


Your cargo bay is not connected correctly to a baggage claim area… follow your conveyor belts and see if you havent missed any. Sometimes when you delete a wall it deletes the conveyor belt also

Or there is no path to the plane stands so the baggage cant make their way to the plane. A screenshot of your airport will help identify the problem

Well, I beg to differ… :wink:

Although I have two independent systems in the airport, maybe that’s the problem?

Anyway, here is my tutorial airport in all its ugliness… :wink:


If you find all is working okay and bags are arriving or being delivered. Save your game and restart it and see if the error goes.

That icon really only shows when bags can’t find their way to that cargo bay, so what I’d be more interested to look at is the input belts from the check-in desks.

They are on both pictures. I have check-in desks in the upper left and lower right of the terminal building. They each have their own cargo bay etc. But I severed all links, removed the bay, put a new one in and reinstated the links, and the icon was gone… :slight_smile:

So I don’t think it was an issue with the belts. Unless someone tried to send a bag from the bottom right to the upper left…?

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