What is the point of police patrols?

What is the point of security officer patrol if nothing having btw passengers?
What is the point of police car patrol if to remove animals all I have to do is fence the entire perimeter and they will never go inside?

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Just wrote you at the same moment on the same topic on Steam. :slight_smile:

As written there, security patrols could have an impact on your airport rating. But not sure if anyone ever testet that out.
May you can be the first one to confirm this theory and disable your patrols and check after a while if the rating drops.

If the rating does not change at all, then it makes indeed no sense “at the moment”.


If I manage to make my medium stand to work I will worry about security. Anyway, then you have a full working airport, the traffic even on service roads is quite a lot. Making them even more busy with police cars its a bit senseless. I hope the devs have a better plan for that. I would prefer my police jailing drug trafficker’s than playing around with cars.

I read somewhere the security car patrols will remove animals on the airfield.
I fenced my airport in pretty quickly so it never was an issue tho… so don’t know if this info is true or outdated.

It should remove animals if you don’t have fences, last time I tested this it worked. It should also significantly boost your operational security rating which is part of the total security score for the airport.

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