What is Difference Between Up and Down Road Tunnels?

I used a Service Up Tunnel as both an entrance and exit to the underground. So, when do you use either?

I think an up tunnel will go the floor above, whereas a down tunnel will go to the floor below. Eg, an up tunnel on floor -1 will lead to floor 0, whereas a down tunnel will lead to floor -2.

All in all it depends on which floor you place it. An up tunnel on -1 is the same as a down tunnel on 0.


Correct, they are identical objects with reversed direction. During initial testing we only had a tunnel going down but it was tricky since you then had to line up the tunnel reversed on the opposite floor to get a “up” tunnel. It was simply easier to add a separate up version. :slightly_smiling_face:


Could you do the same for baggage conveyors?

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Please do this also for the baggage conveyors!!

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