What if planes

I thought it might be interesting to see what it might loom like if Greyhound had planes so I began to make them. Here is my first concept.

Does it have a maintenance truck next to it?

It is waiting in it.

I changed the design a bit.

Wow. you should make more of these and share them with the ACEOMM group. It’s really well done.

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They are excellent I agree. MM has a policy of actual.

Don’t get me wrong there is some great works being posted on the forums the last few days and in fact I’ve reached out to one to get their livery sorted and will release it as a Workshop item in due course with full attributes to them.

MM focuses on realism.

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I plan on making more like this. It would be interesting for there to be a fictional MM style group too.

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Here is a competitor Megabus.

Completely agree. Why can’t there be two Mods? While I love looking at the line of Southwest 737s on the ramp, I more like the availability of contracts and potential flights during the development phase. All the airlines hate me anyway right now because of the constant" delay flight an hour?" - It’d be nice to have even more contracts available.

Perhaps just reaching out to Rubble and helping to duplicate his brilliant efforts (and whomever else was involved) to make the ACEOMM - If only the industry had this much competition like it once did…

It could include old/closed/purchased airlines and really anything anyone decides to make. I have enough reality every day in what I do in RL, don’t really care if I have it in games.

I guess I would ask, what’s stopping you from making it? There are mods on the workshop that are single fictional airlines. It all starts with one, just like the ACEOMM did.

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Here is an Amtrak plane

Well…I’ve been really busy the past few months, but I guess if there’s demand I could put this on the workshop, and continue adding companies if people were willing to submit:

It kind of…well…died. :laughing:
But I’d most definitely be willing to try to develop once again! :slight_smile:

@Jerrod247, your liveries are really cool, and would most definitely be welcome if you’d like. :slight_smile:


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