What are the most dangerous airports in the world?

Do you have any idea about that? I found a few but im not sure using by customers or by goverment and military.How we can use? Little bit action can be good.

I would imagine the old Kai Tak would be on that list. One slight mess up and you’re looking at endangering tons of people

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Heathrow is pretty dangerous. I almost had a heart attack walking from international to domestic to make a connection. That airport needs some people movers.



Eagle County vail Regional Airport.

I don’t know why it’s still regional because it serves a international destination in the winter.

Aspen is worst haha

Was it on the top ten most dangerous airports in the world on that history channel documentary?

I’ve flown into both as a passenger and pilot… Aspen is worse…

But I do agree aspen is really dangerous, and has a really long taxi time to the terminal and there is a expansion of the airport that will accommodate larger 737 aircraft in the future. It is also surrounded by mountains on the sides of the mountains. I still say Vail.

To me Vail is easier because the valley is doable, Aspen I went around 3-4 times before I was prepared to take a Real run at it and it still took me 1 more time before Actually went for it.

I found a link yesterday about that topic. Photos are looks scary but same time atractive. Actualy ı would love to try some of them. This is the link of the list You should check.

We all have our opinions about what we think,and I do agree that aspen is very dangerous but the airport that is way more dangerous than both of ours is Lukla, Nepal airport.

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Plus lukla airport is the only way in and out of Mt.Everest and if you go too low you will crash and die. To high and over shoot the runway you will crash into the mountain.

And if you arrive too fast into the runway at Lukla, @Colorado1, you crash into the rock face at the other side of the airport, although it’s less severe because you would have slowed down by then

Paro Airport, Bhutan

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Innsbruck :sweat_smile:

My country’s pilots say that this is the most dangerous airport in Turkey (IATA: SXZ, ICAO: LTCL)

What about London City EGLC with the non standard 5 degree approach going very close to large buildings and water.

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THIS! Is the most dangerous airport…
What am I doing with my life. :joy:

What is that? A game?