What am I doing wrong?

There’s also a problem with some people looping around the small aircraft unable to leave or get on the plane

Heres another problem I’ve been having this is also next to the secure zone exit

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Top right loading bag, the input and output lines should connect on the left sidebar not right side as you have done.

On your loading cargo bay.

The top line is for arrival bags these go to arrival belt as shown by the continuous line on the bay.

The side with many arrows is the departure bags.

So you have connected it to the wrong line too, swap them over.

Yours should look like this: GREEN arrows from Check-in Desks to Cargo Bay. RED arrow to Carousels. Delete the PINK Conveyors.

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Do you have a secure exit?

There’s a option and it’s the only way passenger can exit?

If you do take a screenshot with zoning

and you forgot put services road around the cargo bay

That’s not necessary since there is service road of stand in front of it.


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