What airport is your favourite airport?

I personally would have to say my home airport of EGCC, Kudos to anyone who knows the name, this is because A. It’s my home airport. B. It’s home to a concorde. C. It’s just generally amazing. So my question is what is your favourite airport and why??


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I live kind of near LCY so I will just go with that.

A. that decent tho

B. home airport

C. I love Q400s


Hey @josh_mcmunn, this thread has a cool list of locations that people here on the forum want to create their first airports at!

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Mine’s Manchester as well. It is my home airport and although a few summer’s ago the queue’s were long it is much better now. P.S. I wish BA still operated a hub there.

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Nah British Airways is too expensive it’s £250 just for a flight to LHR

Of course, BA aren’t actually trying to get you to fly to London from EGCC. They want you to connect to their wider network. That’s where they make their money on the domestic routes. BA can be quite good value in some circumstances - they undercut the budget carriers on Edinburgh to London once for me.

As for EGCC- it’s my new local airport too but I’ve yet to warm to it I’m afraid. Maybe it’s just T3.


I would say BDL is my favorite airport, but JFK t5 is pure amazing. The rest of them aren’t as good though… An airport with power, wifi, dining options and lots of direct flights works for me.



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I really like EHAM (Schiphol Amsterdam Airport). I’ve been here for 9 times because I live in The Netherlands :slight_smile:

My favorite airport is Denver international airport. It’s only 45 minutes away from me. It’s a very cool, unique airport with many amenities, a hotel, and where I can connect to world with many direct flights to international destinations. I just love this airport, and it inspired me to be a future airport CEO.

My favourite airport…easy: VHHH/HKG, Hong Kong International.
The efficiency there blows me away every time that I land. Not to mention the great links to the city centre.
Oh right, and as a logistics, it’s worth noting that it’s the biggest airport in terms of cargo.
Not to mention that it is a great city as well! Damn, I miss it…
As much as I like FRA, SFO or LAX, Asian airports are miles away, when it comes to service and facilities.
Haven’t been to NY or Heathrow yet, to be fair.

But I don’t think that I’ll be building in Hong Kong since there is no more space for anything really.
Maybe some city in Germany.

Mine would have to be KSLC, Salt Lake City International, its the closest to me so iv flown in and out several times. Its not a big airport and is actualy rather old as they are one of the only International airports in the U.S. to be debt free.

Though things are changing here, with the money they have been making instead of paing to loans they are going to rebuild the airport… with the help of new loans. Its a rather incredible undertaking as they are going to buld a new terminal and 2 new concoarses (with a third down the pipeline) connected by underground light rail, all while trying to keep the airport running smooth. As soon as the new facilities are finnished they will compleatly demolish the old terminal and any remaining old concoarses.

Its impressive building a new airport on the shadow of an older one all while taking on increasing air traffic, something I hope to try out in the future with ACEO.

just found this thread @josh_mcmunn the more important question is…are you red or blue haha

Mine would have to be Gatwick, London. Possibly out of loyalty as it’s my usual London airport more than anything else…

My favorite one would be Berlin-Tegel. I know it is a really old airport but just the way the A terminal is build is so great. It is like a drive in if you come by car they can drop you 20m away from the check in and from thei it is also just 15m more to your gate. Also the fact that their are maximum 2 gates in one check in and secruity area makes it a lot more relaxing with not that huge amount of passengers at one time oh and that there is no duty free shop in the middle of your way is also really nice.

Hi there, I grew up in Denver, and yes…DIA…is a unique airport. All though, if the game is to be most “correct” the major NW to SE winter snow, and summer thunder storm/tornado belt should be taken into account. Right?! :smile: Not to mention the tent canvas on the main terminal roof structure, which should be a depreciated expense, with future replacement needs determined into airport maintenance.

Side note, prior to the official grand opening of DIA, I went that prior Halloween to a friend’s party dressed as a “recycled piece of luggage” that never quite ended up arriving at it’s destination. I won best costume that year.

Look forward to seeing your creation in game play.

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Singapore International airport, free entertainment zones with a movie cinema, playstation consoles and even PC’s to sit and game on. So long layovers are amazing !

mine will be EGBJ