Westchester Airport, NY

My latest work in progress. An evolution of my previous design, Westchester Airport has 5 runways (1 large, 4 medium), 3 terminals (2 domestic, 1 international), 82 stands (20 small (GA), 52 medium and 10 large), all in a unique building which makes efficient use of space.

Terminals 1 & 2 serve ACEO’s 750 American airport destinations, each with 21 medium stands and 1 large remote stand. Terminal 3 serves all international destinations, with 10 medium stands and 8 large stands.

The domestic terminals are positioned directly above their bus, taxi and car stops, with parking in areas where the building roof recedes. Terminal 3 is three floors, with an underground bus set-down/pick-up.

The airport is intended as an alternative to the three NYC airports, as well as serving NY state. Numerous aircraft hangars are placed around the airport’s perimeter.

Trademark round sofas incoming.


Cool. What is the size of your map?

Large map :slight_smile:

The parking looks really cool!

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