Wellington International

This is my N+??? iteration, it is however running the best so far of all my designs. I KNOW Wellington only has the one runway (and its limited land availability) but I don’t care (this is my Wellington).

It’s the first time I’ve shared any of my Airport designs, as it’s the first one I feel has any real cadence of a real airport. The airport currently has a mean average of 1500-1800 PAX, it supports three concourses along with 12 plus GA stands out of sight.

I’m about to put in a baggage system (that’s the empty space on the right) and another three of four medium stands on the left concourse.

I feel it’s capable of handing now a lot more traffic when I build it. I’m almost out of all the contracts I’m offered. I struggle to fill the small stands all of the time.

There is some redesign work to do as well. Not quite happy with the left concourse…

There is also optimisation with regards to stand allocation too that would help.

I could do with inter-concourse transport (evan as simple as over service road tunnels), taxiway allocation non-blocking, truck depots not being stupid. I’ve stopped GA fueling for now as the truck depots that are at the side of the GA stands don’t work, it seems all depots balance somehow??? That creates delays so, no GA or NO jet fueling. Simple, no GA right now.

Toning down the mask of non-zoneable areas too would be nice. So not as to give such a harsh divide between the areas.


Really interesting layout, especially the transition between the secure and unsecured areas. My only thought is that perhaps you might want another layer of taxiways to deal with more traffic, so that flights don’t delay each other as much?

Was your main rationale for having separate little concourses so that you could get roads through?

Looks significantly less windy than the real Wellington right now though :wink:

Yes, I want another layer of taxi-ways, hence the non-blocking request, and the space between the taxi-way and runway. The previous seven iterations had all sorts of taxi ways. One it seems right now is the optimal.

After many previous designs, getting roads through indeed. Thats why baggage has not yet been implemented. If you saw my previous baggage bay on one of my other builds, I’ve learnt about routing baggage. Keeping PAX inside the terminal too as long as possible before they get to baggage claim was in mind. The big clear area on the right will be baggage collection zone when it’s built. I’ll sort the left concourse out first.

Right now, as long as flights are assigned to stands in the correct order there is not much delay. There is some, but thats the stand optimisation on my part. Over three days I’ve only had two planes complain of being delayed which for the size of this build, is the best I’ve had :).

Welly is not always windy, despite its nickname…

I tend to keep blue as secure zones, mid grey as transitional areas, and white as insecure. Wooded areas as staff zones and shops so I can differentiate.

The taxi stops too, me’h. makes no difference alas.I tried them to make non-blockining areas but made no difference :frowning:

Yeah I find that that works for me, and as you said, if you schedule flights in the correct order they generally don’t delay one another. That might change when wind direction etc. is added to the game I think :S

What do you mean about non-blocking etc.?

Well that might be true, though it was pretty torrid when I flew through last year :wink:

By non-blocking, when a plane has left the stand and at point A, it will hold a plane at the stop point, heading for stand B, till the plane from point A has past the point, even though there would be plenty of time for the plane to get into Stand B. Hope that’s a good explanation of what I mean by non-blocking. That’s with and without the holding points. They made no difference to the pathfinding for me.

I do realised it’s the pathfinding that causes it and after lots of trial and error with lots of different taxi ways and crossings etc, one taxi way I’ve found to be the best. Lots of several previous versions had duel parallel taxiways with crossings and they turned into a nightmare.

Ignore that right facing arrow, no idea where that came from.


Nice to see another NZ airport… - I just scrapped my last version of NZCH and will be starting a new one tonight… :slight_smile:
My way around the trucks getting mucked up with depots is to have “virtual” gates to each area and only have 1 area open to the puplic road at any one time with no interconnecting service road to each area… - This way I can open up GA, have the tanks refuelled, then block off access (delete bit of road) and reopen the commercial side to refuel those gas tanks…
Not ideal but it works…

hmmm, that’s an interesting idea deleting the road. I tried having separate checkins for vehicles, but the trucks just used the darn public road to go between them. Deleting the road, yeah, I like that idea. :sunglasses:

Would love to see your airports too.

I’ve also asked for the dev’s for more that AKL and CHC for GA traffic :thinking:

Just remember to not have a service road connected between the areas, I made that mistake and my stupid trucks started using that when I blocked off the public road.
Will be great if we get more NZ regional airports that are used for GA flights :smile:
I’m going to try doing what another person did on here, take a picture of the airport and line it up with a picture of the game, then try to map out the areas in-game itself… Not sure how it going to go, but will try anything once, just wish there was some way to superimpose an image into the game itself…

Whats your frame rate like?

It’s probably around 30FPS. Does dip a little lower, 25ish and a little higher 33ish.

Putting foundation down, there’s a noticeable lag once letting the mouse button up. Baggage has just gone in, and while not maxed yet, still debugging the baggage system, and rebuilding the entrance area, along with the left and right concourses, it’s still very good.

Playing still at max graphics settings at 1440p.

I am running the experimental branch.

I’ve turned baggage off again while I re-design it, for the nth time??? FYI this did actually work extremely well.

The re-design also includes the check-in areas. The baggage claim and sorting are working superb.

Each incoming belt supported four check-in desks, for a total of 16; so far

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We have quite a few new NZ locations :grinning:

Yup, I saw your other post, going to be loading up the game for a while before heading for bed (I work nights at the airport) to have a look at what’s been done :grinning:

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So, I’ve been working on updating things, rebuilding things, getting baggage sorted and working (though I’ve turned it off for now, I need to rebuild the check-in area). This is where Wellington Int currently stands.

There’s been quite a bit of modifications dealing with optimisation etc…


A very busy early morning for Wellington…


The current state of the Airport. Baggage screening is about to be redesigned…

Running now at an average of between 1800 to 2500+ PAX.


Looks excellent and really well optimised! What fps are you getting?

It’s still hovering around 24fps.

It’s about as large as I’d take it without moving walkways which I know are in there somewhere, I saw someone mention on here. Might even have been you?

I really need another taxiway below the lower runway, but I know from previous builds its not going to be of any benefit to me yet :frowning:

Wow that’s impressive!

Well the devs worked on them ages ago, but they’ve changed a lot of engines and their programming approach since then which is why it’s not in there right now. I’m sure it’ll come back in eventually :slight_smile:

I find that odd, it’s helpful to me having the second layer. Some aircraft use it allowing other aircraft to pushback etc.

Three Qantas 737-800s parked up at Wellington International. 75th Anniversary along with a plain and Spirit of Australia liveries. I love modding airlines. Thank you @Olof and @Fredrik for such a great game with such amazing opportunities for self expression. I’ll try and get a ANZ fleet lined up too with those specials.