Weather temp bug

So i believe i’m experiencing a bug. And i wanna know if it’s only me.
Atm I’m playing in Denmark, and the weather temp there is basically warm in the summer and minus degrees in the winter.

But i have now done one year, i’m at day 9 year 2.
And here is the bug. All of year 1, every season was below 0. It never went up to 0, the warmest was -1 degrees.
And it should reach plus in the spring and autumn, and ofc in summer.
I did send a bug report just in case.

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I’m also in the middle of winter and have 30°C plus all the time. Seems to be a persistent issue.


Bug report it and we’ll have a look, probably something with determining the temp values by world location! :slight_smile:


Already bug reported twice i believe :smiley:

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