Weather icon sunny not displaying

This isn’t a big issue, but the sunny weather icon sometime don’t appear and there is an empty square, in some occasions it appear latter.

Another example here which show how it appear :

This looks like a very strange bug! Did you bug-report it?

This one neither as I wanted to post 3 screenshots.
So when I see small issue which only need a single screenshot or a little text I should use the ingame bug report and only use forum for bigger thing which require advanced explanation ?

If I remember correctly, you can choose in the game whether you want to report the bug directly in game or go to the bug-report-website where you have more possibilities to add files (like screenshots) and better formatting options.

Why can’t I enter a newline in the in-game bug report?

Why can’t I enter a newline in the in-game bug report?

It’s probably not supported in the bug report plug-in, or not enabled. Workaround is to type it in a text editor with alinea’s and copy paste it.

Please refer to my post in your other topic:

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