WE founded the ACEO Modding Group and we need help

We need modder , that want to create mods here , mostly user wishes. For that we have our trello side.
At the grouo we help each other and learn from each other . Every Modder from aceo is welcome :slight_smile: At moment we are 3 , but we need still help :slight_smile: If you want to help us , just send me a friendship offer at steam :slight_smile:https://trello.com/b/Q1RwxZV7/a-ceo-modding or write me here

and here is the group Collection with all mods : Steam Community :: Error :smile:


Again : we need help :wink: The users flood us with mod wishes , more as we can do :slight_smile:
So come and help us :slight_smile: If you want help us send me please a friendship offer :smile:
here is my steam profile : Steam Community :: modair

Every Modder is very welcome :slight_smile: also beginners , we will help you :wink:


I am able to help you. I have written a couple of mods for AirportCEO, though, I currently have no published mods.


You are very welcome , please send me a a friendship offer at steam , that we can talk.
here is my profile at steam: Steam Community :: modair
Because you need a invitation link to trello :slight_smile: Welcome :grinning:

Just sent you the offer.

I saw that , i sended you the trello link for the group side(at steam chat) , use that please or you can not write at the side.
if you have questions , just chat with me at steam :grinning: WELCOME :smile:

We need more modders in the group , please if you can create mods , join us , we have over 75 airlines open to do , so we need your help :slight_smile:

If you want to join us , it is the easyest now to go to this steam side: Steam Community :: Error
there you just need to click at the join request button. That i see and will send you then a friendship offer at steam, where we can talk :slight_smile: also users are welcome who want to learn the modding :slight_smile:

In our group we help each other and learn from each other. And we only create now singlemods, and we use a group collection. Steam Community :: Error
So that not could happen that if the group will be stopped all the mods are gone. A collection can be made by everyone. And we use a trello side Trello. There we see what is on the list to do , and it helps that we not do airlines twice. So join us , you are welcome , we need you ! :smile: